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Editing and Processing

Four wide rooms accommodate our video-editing equipment, which runs on Avid Technology software products. Connection with Avid ISIS 7000 media-server provides simultaneous access from all workplaces. We use Avid MediaComposer and Avid Symphony software, as well as Genarts Sapphire visual effects plug-in. Our Apple MacPro-based workstations are enhanced by NEC PA241W and TVLogic LVM-247W monitors and BM DeckLink and Avid Nitris hardware. For editing, composing and final re-editing we offer Autodesc Smoke for Mac workstation. As some of our video engineers prefer to work in an upright position, we rigged their consoles with surfaces of adjustable height.

Our complex also features a multi-purpose control room for playback/recording, conversion and quality control of the footage. We offer our clients backup copying of their original material on LTO-5 tape cartridges or in DVCam, Digital Betacam, HDCAM, HDCAM-SR formats. We can process footage shot on RED, ARRI, Canon, Blackmagic, Sony and Panasonic digital video cameras. During finalization of projects our experts test the quality of resulting content with Tektronix WVR8200 and RTW TM7 monitoring equipment.